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Seacom Sports Academy is the latest venture of SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY (SSU) which offers Engineering and Technical Education with maximum industry orientation and gives stress on practical skills. The charitable educational Trust is ably managed by the Chairman, Mr. Anish Chakraborty.

To improve the quality of individuals as human beings, education can only be teamed with sports that can inculcate better approach towards life - this led SSU to come up with Seacom Sports Academy (SSA) that aims to becoming a leader in Sports Training in India - a hub of “Skill Development” of local, regional and national significance; and a renowned Center of Excellence for Sports.

In India, where the society literally lives the game of cricket, it is natural that every nine kids out of ten want to be a cricketer. Thus the need of a holistic coaching centre to shape these kids into future winners is crucial. Thus SSA starts with the Cricket Coaching Centre. For SSA, the mission is to provide a holistic learning platform and maximize the athletic development for these aspiring cricketers.

To nurture talents in cricket of different age groups starting from under 10 years, SSA has designed the coaching program that will best suit the budding cricketers.

SSA targets to motivate and guide every aspiring child to follow their dreams of becoming a successful world-class cricket player. SSA works to build a generation of respectful and spirited humans; a generation to face every challenge that life throws at.


SSA has courses designed for different levels and specialties - starting from Club, through District to State level, the needs keep changing. The courses of SSA cater to such needs and their variations.

The training program runs throughout the year, in different sessions according to the seasons, thus keeping each student close to the game all the time. Beside thorough training, the courses are clubbed with matches – both friendly and competitive.


The coaching team comprises of a group of experienced former players, who are experts in technical, tactical and psychological training The coaching team works hard ensuring individual attention to each student.

As an indispensable part of modern training, specific strength and conditioning courses are of utmost importance at SSA, to grow not just as players but to become a complete athlete.

Seacom Sports Academy is highly equipped for a progressive learning and training centre, and special attention is given to areas such as athletic ability in the field and the speed of running between the wickets.

SSA has always been keen on creating a learning environment where young students are nurtured and motivated to indoctrinate the sportsman spirit which extracts the best of their aptitude and increases their self-confidence. SSA makes sure that each and every student, while learning and developing skills, enjoys the whole process.
The students are treated keeping their individual characteristics and psychology in mind. In the process, their faults are mended through rigorous, scientific practice. Most importantly, the students are imparted with a ‘never give up’ mentality to fight all odds in life. They are taught the basic rules & regulations and laws of cricket and also the behavioral patterns of interacting with seniors, colleagues and opponents.

The Seacom Sports Academy has competent and experienced coaches for different levels and different specialties. Our aspirations for excellence are matched by enthusiasm and hard work under any circumstances to come out with a positive result. SSA is committed to hard work, sincerity, discipline and truly believes in it.